USAA vs. Geico Auto Insurance

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Fri 17 February 2012, 12:33 PM
USAA vs. Geico Auto Insurance
I currently have 2 vehicles insured with USAA. Just out of curiosity, I went to Geico's website and got a quote for the same coverage. Holy Smoke, their premium is almost half of what I pay at USAA! Has anybody ever jumped ship from USAA to Geico? Can anybody that has Geico attest to their customer service?
Fri 17 February 2012, 01:59 PM
i left usaa a long time ago and went with geico. it was cheaper in wisconsin, alaska, georgia, and pennsylvania. but i always call every six months to make sure they are still cheaper.
Tue 28 February 2012, 08:39 AM
Odd, I just did a quote for my two vehicles with USAA today and they were $200 a year cheaper than Geico, for much better coverage. We've been with Geico for 35 years now and the service has always been good, although I know a lot of people that have had issues with Geico. When we moved from Idaho to Alaska after I retired in 94, our rates jumped because Alaska was a "High Risk" area. Plus after we got to Alaska we could no longer carry Geico Homeowners or RV insurance, apparently there were issues between those Geico divisions and the State Attorney General's office; apparently serious enough that Geico was no longer allowed to sell those policies in Alaska. Last year we moved back to Idaho, and again our rates jumped because Idaho was a "High Risk" area. Huh??? After 15 years of driving on ice for 6 months of the year, Idaho is High Risk???

Speck, I would make sure that you are comparing at the same coverage amounts and that your quotes are "apple to apple". We've have been with Geico for 35 yrs, are on their "Preferred" rate, and we've had no traffic tickets and one non-fault accident during that time. I was pretty amazed that I could get better coverage through USAA at a cheaper rate.

Overall both companies are top-rated, USAA supposedly offers slighty better response and customer service than Geico. Still with the differences in premiums, the fact I bank with USAA and that I have home owners insurance through them, I will very likely jump ship to USAA. (Note: Geico Homeowners policies are extemely pricey next to USAA, and I was never very happy with them.)
Tue 28 February 2012, 01:02 PM
Imagine how much of your Geico premium is going towards their commercials...weeing pigs, cavemen, a cockney gecko, rhetorical questions, googly eyes...
Wed 29 February 2012, 06:03 AM
Been with USAA over 44 yrs. They are the greatest!
Wed 29 February 2012, 07:00 AM
I'm staying put with USAA. They have been wonderful with all my insurance needs. My three grown daughters have USAA for their families as well, and NO COMPLAINTS. To each is own !! Smile
Wed 29 February 2012, 06:13 PM
Been with USAA over 44 yrs. They are the greatest!

last week more comprimised account numbers, of course that's in regards to their banking system.
Wed 29 February 2012, 06:26 PM
I have over 20 years with USAA.. Great service....
Thu 01 March 2012, 07:16 PM
I've been with USAA for 13 years now. I have never had a single complaint. I have my auto and home insurance through them, and everyone in my house has a savings account through them as well. They do a good job taking care of their customers.

For their banking, they refund all ATM fees, and if you have a smart phone, they have an app where you can take a picture of a check that you want to deposit, and it scans it into your account. Pretty amazing stuff.
Wed 07 March 2012, 12:35 AM
Yeah, I did a little more research and found out Geico is great until you have to file a claim. I'll be sticking with USAA.
Mon 12 March 2012, 05:33 AM
I switched from USAA to Geico in 2009. I asked USAA to take a look at Geico's quote and try to atleast come down on their price a little and they said sorry, no way. I went from $2000 a year to $800 using Geico and I didn't have any claims in over 4 years. Now after doing this I was worried about the claims process but got to try it out when my wife and I were rear ended by a drunk driver in Louisiana. They were GREAT and worked fast to get everything paid for. I do love USAA but recently have contacted them about their check deposit program at UPS stores. They keep telling me to use the Houma UPS store but the store manager is waiting for the USAA IT guy to set them up. I sent USAA an email about this and all I got in return was a detailed list of all the deposit programs they have and where to find participating UPS I haven't done this already. Not very personnal when it comes to reply but you can't beat there phone customer service.
Mon 12 March 2012, 04:47 PM
im sure it all depends on the the agent that you are currently working with on what type of service you get.
Tue 13 March 2012, 08:54 AM
My daughter has carried GEICO throughout her Naval career; she just switched to Progressive because they offered her a lower rate than either GEICO or USAA. So just for grins, I did a comparison with our current GEICO policy against quotes from Allstate, Progressive and USAA. I made sure that all variables were as close as possible to make sure the quotes were "apples to apples". I set the coverages for my two vehicles at $100,000/300,000/100,000, $5,000 Medical payments, $250 Collision/Comprehensive deductible, $30/day $900 Max Rental Reimbursement, and Roadside Assistance. Using these variable, I got e-quotes directly from tha companies' website to limit human influences.

At my Standard 100,000/300,000/100,000 coverage, USAA provided better rates than the rest at $390 per 6 mos, followed by Progressive with an $469/6 mos (if paid in full every 6 mos), Geico at $486 per 6 mos, and Allstate $577 per 6 mos.

At an adjusted Premium coverage of $500,000/500,000/500,000 with $10,000 Medical payments (although everyone else offers higher coverages, this is the maximum Progressive offers) USAA smoked the competition at $415 per 6 mos. Geico came in at $568, Progressive came in in at $615 per 6 mos ($535 per 6 mos if paid in full). And Allstate came in at $737. Having been with Geico for 35 yrs, on their "Preferred" rate, with no traffic tickets or accidents during that time, I was amazed that I could get better coverage through USAA at a significantly better rate with a company that is now rated 5 by J.D. Powers, while Geico has dropped to a 3.

Still, I was wondering how my daughter could get such a better rate with Progressive with her lead foot and her accident on Hawaii's H1 (truthfully, that road scares me). Well the simple answer is that Progressives seems to beat everyone with $25,000/50,000/25,000 coverage rates. Unfortunately, in a serious acident that coverage could leave you wishing you'd had more coverage.

Bottom line for me, after 35 years with the gecko, I think it's time to switch to USAA.
Thu 28 June 2012, 03:37 PM
I tried GEICO back in 1992, got shafted pretty hard financially by them while on a deployment so I won't even bother looking again, and the pig commercials were the quickest way to get me to switch channels or zap it on the DVR.

I switched to USAA from State Farm when USAA opened up to Enlisted. Had them for several years, then noticed some problems with homeowners insurance back in 2006 when I had my very first claim, it was not a pleasant experience. Another followed in 2007 when I had a change of duty station, lousy customer service and they exposed me to serious risk I was paying them to protect me from. The final straw was in 2010 with the mortgage division and another lousy customer service rep. I've since switched to Amica, much better service and still highly rated.

I've noticed USAA advertising more, kinda like GEICO, personally I think USAA is arriving at the 'large company that no longer values their customers status' and so they loose their customers (specifically me) because of the lousy service, so they have to advertize more now to compensate for customer churn.

But that's just my 2 cents. I know everyone else raves about USAA, my experience with them has not matched their sales pitch.
Fri 29 June 2012, 09:50 AM
I had USAA for 5 years, Home, auto and personal property, but left them last month for GIECO after getting a little fed up with my rates. USAA partners motorcycle insurance to Progressive, I was paying $180 a month in car and 160 a month on my new harley. the bike seemed retarded high, but the straw that broke the camels back was when my rates on auto were 120 for 3 cars 3 years ago, now i onyl have 2 and they would rase my policy 20 a month every 6 months. Every single insurance company i have had... from cut rate survival in college, to AAA, to State farm, has gotten lower when i renew pending no accidents. which BTW, im 30+ married, homowner policy bundled and havent had a ticket since clinton. my wife wrecked a car before the Iraq War, but you get my point...

USAA when called stated "they do not offer longevity incentives and will NOT match another companys policy rates" so... i read that as " HI WELCOME TO USAA WHERE YOUR RATES WILL ONLY GO UP REGARLESS OF DRIVING RECORD" every compmany rewards good drivers because you become free money. not usaa.

Geico was 120 a month auto, and 45 a month motorcycle... for the same damn coverage, to the "T"
Fri 29 June 2012, 11:05 AM
Did you know, back in the day, GEICO was like USAA, only for Govenment Employees.
Hince there name GEICO- Government Employee Insurance Company

Charlie Sends
Sat 11 August 2012, 07:28 AM
One of the guys at work picked up Geico and they cancelled as soon as he had an accident. I have USAA and daughter dented car with brand new license. I expected to get dropped but they were very good about it. We started with USAA after 30 years with Allstate.
Mon 16 December 2013, 12:20 PM
sorry to bring up an old thread.. been trying to get approved for USAA for a week now. how long does it take for them to give you a quote? i'm assuming it takes them a while to verify your military status?
Wed 18 December 2013, 07:17 AM
Call them it should not take a couple of days. If they don't answer you right away call State Farm.
Thu 19 December 2013, 08:33 AM
thanks.. i already gave up waiting though. i found a company with promotion offering first month of policy free with no down payment... ended up being cheaper than USAA anyways ( if anyone interested)